Ideal Customer WOrksheet

Fill out this worksheet to identify your ideal customer. Think about the customers you already have- use your insights. Stalk them on social. Who are they?

You may need to do a couple of these, realistically, you have a couple (at least) ideal customer profiles.

  1. What is their name?

  2. How old are they?

  3. What is their sex?

  4. Where do they live?

  5. Do they have kids? Grandkids?

  6. What do they drive?

  7. Pet Owner? What kind? Name them (just for fun).

  8. Are they single, dating, married, divorced?

  9. Where do they work?

  10. What do they drive?

  11. What do they do on their free time?

  12. What podcasts do they listen to?

  13. What TV shows do they watch?

  14. What music do they listen to?

  15. Who do they follow and interact with on social?

  16. Where do they shop for groceries?

  17. Do they dine out often? Where?

  18. Do they cook?

  19. What’s their style?

  20. Where do they vacation and with who?

Now, go back and design at least one post that would be of interest to this ideal customer based on what you know about them. You have 20 pieces (at least) of content that you can create that your ideal customer will be interested in. Go a step further, write down a problem associated with their interest that you could solve for them OR make a joke about. For example: They work 9am-5pm Monday-Friday… What can you suggest that they do for entertainment on the weekends? Don’t just say, “come to my place”… really think about it. How about making an itinerary for the day for them of your fave stops?