Ideal Customer Worksheet

Answer these questions about your customer.

Get as specific as possible- you may have to do a few of these.

  1. Name

  2. Age

  3. Lives in ____________________. Rent or Own?

  4. Dating, Married, Single?

  5. Works as a ______________________.

  6. Pet Owner? What Pet? Name the pet (it’s fun).

  7. Where do they shop for groceries?

  8. Where do they shop for clothing?

  9. What is their style?

  10. What are their hobbies?

  11. What kind of car do they drive?

  12. Do they workout?

  13. What kind of food do they like?

  14. What podcasts do they listen to?

  15. What shows do they watch?

  16. Where do they vacation and with who?

  17. What kind of music do they listen to?

  18. What books do they read?

  19. What kind of friends do they have?

Now, go back and make notes on posts that you can make that will interest this person on each of these subjects.